Support The Sea Bags Women's Sailing Team


We are tied to three simple words: SEA, SAIL, SKY.  For each of us on the Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team the words trigger powerful images and unforgettable memories of racing our J/24.

We are thrilled to share that those three important words and our team have been the inspiration for the launch of a new recycled sail cloth tote from our sponsor, Sea Bags. Designed to make everyone feel like they can be part of our team, 20% of sales help support our racing efforts. 

We loved hearing about the inspiration of the design from Brian on the Sea Bags’ team, “It’s sporty and clean. It mimics the colors of the sea, sails, and the sky to give the feeling of being on the water. The variation of the stripe on the front and back of the tote represents the different forms of a sail depending on how the wind hits it.”

The interior lining of the recycled sail tote has bold quotes that have come to identify Sea Bags and its mission of sustainability, including, one of our team’s personal favorites, “sails soak up sun, salt, smiles and adventure.”

And then, there is the new specially designed Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team emblem. No other Sea Bags tote has its own patch. Brian shared, “We wanted to make a powerful statement about the strength of the women on the Sea Bags Sailing Team. They are champion sailors and we want everyone to be able to show their support.”

Like all of Sea Bags’ products, this special edition tote is made from recycled sail cloth. We share our sponsor’s commitment to sustainability and are passionate about helping them stop sails from being thrown away in landfills. At every one of our races we continue to gather sails and spread the word that every sail deserves another life.

Our partnership with Sea Bags allows us to continue to fulfill our dreams on the water and to keep our competitive spirits alive. During our many challenging races over the next several months that will eventually lead us to the October J/24 World Championship in Miami, Florida, we will need all the support we can get.  We hope you will become part of our team and proudly carry the Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team Tote.

Check out the Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team Tote at Sea Bags’ website and be sure to like us on Facebook to follow all our racing adventures!

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