Sea Bags Sailing Team Story

Sea Bags Sailing Team is a total new concept for sailboat racing, campaigning and brand promotion.  Sea Bags has a long history of direct support to various sailing regattas and sailing teams including the 2009 J/24 Nationals & 2013 J/24 North Americans, the Offshore New England Championships, Horton/Nichol Olympic Campaign and many more. This current concept was born out of past team sponsorships and specifically a J/24 team in the 2015 World Championships that received an excellent brand awareness and sales response.

 The concept & mission?

Create a team of sailors who represent various one-design classes that will be sailing year-round to promote the process of recycling sails to better the environment.  These sailors will pledge to be pillars of sportsmanship, economically conscience, environmentally conscience, brand & sport ambassadors, goal oriented and finally competitive in their class.

Sea Bags Story

In 1999, Sea Bags was the first in the market to design and manufacture handmade tote bags and accessories from recycled sails. Originally founded by Hannah Kubiak on Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine, Sea Bags is built around three cornerstones: keeping production local, green in product and practice, and being involved in the community.

While the company has grown to nearly 50 employees, we are still located on the Portland's working waterfront where we manufacture all of our bags. Our product line now ranges from totes and wine bags to home decor and accessories. Custom Designed Sea Bags are also a cornerstone of our brand-allowing our customers to design a Sea Bag that reflects their own style and personality.

What's unique about Sea Bags is that all of our products are handmade from recycled sails-ensuring that each bag is truly one-of-a-kind. The sail's previous life on the water is apparent through the natural markings featured on the material that can range from salt and rust to wear and color variations. An indicator of an authentic Sea Bag is the company logo stamp on the interior and the one-of-a-kind hang tag tied onto the handle.

Once a sail, forever a Sea Bag.