Dock Talk #1


It is what what brought us together. It holds us together and it carries across the finish line at every race aboard our 24 foot Jboat. Before our new racing season begins in a few weeks we -members of Sea Bags Women's Sailing Team - took time to reflect on our passion for sailing and WHY WE SAIL. Here are a few of our thoughts we wanted to share.

" Nothing else in the world gives me the feeling I get when racing. I love when the team comes together and functions as one."
- Erica Beck Spencer, Skipper

"It's the pure adrenaline and nervous excitement."  

- Jess Harris, Co-Captain

"My head is never more clear than when out on the water."

-Emily Carville, Upwind/Downwind Trimmer


- Sandy Yake, Twings and Vang Controller

"There are not two days alike. Conditions are always changing."

- Karen Fallon, Tactician, Spinnaker Trimmer

"I race to challenge myself and prove that you're never too old to learn something new."

- Carol Pickering, Mid-Deck, Bowman

"I have never been more satisfied with anything like I have with sailing."

- Hillary Nobel, Tactician, Strategist

"I sail to get as close to Mother Nature as possible."

- Gretchen Henderson, Upwind Trimmer

"The singular focus that sailboat racing demands enables a camaraderie like none other."
Emily Carville, Upwind/Downwind Trimmer, Navigation and Tactician

"I sail for the physical and mental challenge, the camaraderie of the sailing family, and the feeling of conquering the elements."

- Joy Martin, Downwind Trimmer

We are counting the days to our first race of the 2019 season.The J24 Midwinter Championship is March 1-3, in Tampa, Florida. SBWST is one of a growing number of women-only crews that will be competing in one of the most difficult and intense sports in the world. We will be challenging some of the most experienced, competitive and passionate sailors in the world. We have everything it takes -plus the passion - to win.

Join us. Follow the adventures and thrills of SBWST on DOCK TALK

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