Jess Harris

Co-Captain, Falmouth ME

Jess comes from a long line of Maine boat builders and fishermen. Her father built Friendship Sloops and his boatyard was Jess’s playground. She started sailing when she was eight. Her first regatta was two years later.

”It was a windy weekend on Buzzards Bay and it took three of us young gals to hold the tiller. To this day I still feel that rush of adrenaline and nervous excitement when we race. I hoist and change sails, call the starting line and keep the crew informed of port and starboard situations. I'm the first to take waves in the face and am typically the first to go overboard should the conditions be hair-raising. Racing sailboats is physically and mentally challenging, which to me is a great reason to keep doing it well into my golden years.”

Jess lives in Falmouth, Maine