Who are we?

Sea Bags Sailing Team is a total new concept for sailboat racing, campaigning and brand promotion. Sea Bags has a long history of direct support to various sailing regattas and sailing teams including the 2009 J/24 Nationals & 2013 J/24 North Americans, the Offshore New England Championships, Horton/Nichol Olympic Campaign and many more. This current concept was born out of past team sponsorships and specifically a J/24 team in the 2015 World Championships that received an excellent brand awareness and sales response.

The concept & mission?

Create a team of sailors who represent various one-design classes that will be sailing year-round to promote the process of recycling sails to better the environment. These sailors will pledge to be pillars of sportsmanship, economically conscience, environmentally conscience, brand & sport ambassadors, goal oriented and finally competitive in their class.