Erica Beck Spencer

Skipper, Portland ME

Erica’s steady hand is always on the tiller of the J24 the team sails in every race. Erica has sailing in her genes. Her father introduced her to sailing and racing at an early age. “I drive the boat as fast as I can. Nothing gives me the feeling I get when racing. Competing in a crowded regatta is like being in a chess game. It’s all about strategy. I think Sea Bags Women’s Sailing Team is inspiring a lot of people to push outside of their comfort zones and to try things they’ve always wanted to try, whether it be sailing or something else. We are honored to have Sea Bags as our sponsor. It’s a dream come true.”

In 2018, Erica received the J/24 World Championship Top Female Skipper Award and was inducted into the NEISS - New England Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association Hall of Fame.

Erica lives in Portland, Maine.